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Ella's Secret (A Christian Romance)

   Ella Carmichael needs a job and a roof over her kid's heads. But to apply at Parker's Candy Factory, owned by Jason Parker, her ex-fiance, is crazy. She learns at the interview only the position was taken and runs into Jason. Sparks ignite between them as if they hadn’t been separated for six years. With nothing available at the factory, he offers her a job as a housekeeper at the Parker Mansion, a live-in position. How wise is it to bring her twins to live there when Jason is their father but doesn't know it? And then, there's his mother, who broke them up, nearly killing Ella in the process.

NOW AVAILABLE: The Marriage Scheme

 Khara Thompson learns that her property line runs through her house!  Worse, her neighbor, ruggedly handsome Adam Mansfield insists on living in her house until his log home is built or he'll make her move her house!  

Reluctantly gaining a new roommate, she vows to rid herself of this unwanted visitor...that is until their attraction for each other surprises both of them!  

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Patricia Azeltine started writing in romance, publishing with Avalon (now Amazon).She believes it's important to bring faith into stories. She loves writing about relationships that have happy endings!


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