Ella's Secrets (A Sweet Romance)

 Ella Carmichael needs a job and a roof over her kid's heads. But to apply at Parker's Candy Factory, owned by Jason Parker, her ex-fiance, is crazy. She learns at the interview only the position was taken and runs into Jason. Sparks ignite between them as if they hadn’t been separated for six years. With nothing available at the factory, he offers her a job as a housekeeper at the Parker Mansion, a live-in position. How wise is it to bring her twins to live there when Jason is their father but doesn't know it? And then, there's his mother, who broke them up, nearly killing Ella in the process.   Desperate, she accepts the position.  Jason wants an heir to carry on the Parker fortune more than life itself! But that has become impossible, due to his car accident that left him sterile. He wanders from one night stand after another, loathing himself for it, and falling deeper into despair. His one true love had and will always be Ella. When she entered his life, he can’t believe it!   Ella knew she should have told Jason about his children, but she couldn’t. His mother tried to have her run over to scare her off. Ella had to put the safety of her children first. She learns about Jason’s current life, leading her to believe she was nothing more than a number to him, a lousy number!  Can Ella and Jason rekindle their love and become the family they always should have been? Will Ella's secret about the twins destroy any chance they have? She turns to the guidance of Reverand Foster.    Then, his mother returns!    Will Ella and Jason find happiness with faith, hope, love, and forgiveness?   

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Stacey Williams wants to make her parents happy. Unfortunately, in their minds, marriage is the only answer. But as a journalist, she doesn't have time to date, much less get married. So, she concocts a plan to place a personal ad for a temporary husband in the newspaper for which she works. 

Little does she know that she is creating more trouble than she had imagined. Her boss wants her to write an article about her ad. Then the only suitable man to answer her ad turns out to be the insufferable Lance Owens, a man she has been investigating for months.

Her plan spirals out of control. Her parents are thrilled with her choice of a husband, she becomes legally married to him, her boss is onto her antics, and she is facing toughest decisions. All while falling hopelessly in love with her Temporary Husband.


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Clean, wholesome humorous reading

The Marriage Scheme

A Sweet Romance


Khara Thompson can’t believe her luck: she inherits a house from her Aunt Beatrice only to discover the property line she shares with her neighbor; the ruggedly handsome Adam Mansfield runs through the middle of it!

Little does she know that Aunt Beatrice and Adam’s mother, Dolores, have plans for Khara and Adam: marriage! They knew Khara’s house was built over the property line, so they scheme to bring the two together and then sit back to watch their matchmaking unfold.

Adam gives Khara an ultimatum. She can either let him move in temporarily while his log cabin is being built or she has to move her house. She has little choice and gains an unwanted roommate.

From that moment on, both their worlds are turned upside down, and they find themselves attracted to each other. Can a man who’s afraid of the “M” word and a woman whose career is her life unite?

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Funny, Sweet, Relate

Haunted by Love

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Granny needs help!  Garrett Taylor, the new owner of the Taylor Mansion has returned to the small town of Patterson, Oregon, threatening to evict Granny, and the museum she runs, from the conservatory of the mansion.

The last place Paige McCormick wants to go is back to Patterson, where she grew up.  But knowing the heartless Garrett Taylor is about to throw her dear, sweet grandmother out in the street, she returns to do whatever it takes to keep her grandmother from becoming homeless.

Garrett knows he has to sell the mansion.  He doesn't have a choice.  The mansion is his only link left to his family's secrets.  He will do anything to prevent his family's humiliation, even if it means selling his grandfather's home.

And Garrett has a bigger problem:  he's falling in love with Paige.  His focus drifts from the sale of the mansion to her.  Meanwhile, Paige can't deny her attraction to Garrett, but does she really want to get involved with a man who's trying to evict her grandmother?

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