Sweet Romance

The Marriage Scheme

  Khara Thompson can’t believe her luck: she inherits a house from her Aunt Beatrice only to discover the property line she shares with her ruggledly handsome neighbor, Adam Mansfield runs through the middle of it!   

Little does she know that Aunt Beatrice and Adam’s mother, Dolores, have their plans for Khara and Adam: marriage! They knew Khara’s house was built over the property line, so they scheme to bring the two together and then sit back to watch their matchmaking unfold.   

Adam gives Khara an ultimatum. She can either let him move in temporarily while his new house is being built or she has to move her house. She has little choice and gains an unwanted roommate.

From that moment on, both their worlds are turned upside down, and they find themselves attracted to each other. Can a man who’s afraid of the “M” word and a woman whose career is her life unite?